Wholesaler hair pomade
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Wholesaler hair pomade


Professional OEM hair styling products men hair pomade

Brand Name hair pomade
Many color  Green,red,pink,brown,blue,pale blue,purple,yellow,orange,transparent,black,etc
Smell Many fruit smells,hugo boss,grape,strawberry,vanilla,cologne,fragrant smell etc
Function strong hold with natural shape shiny no greasy,repair damaged hair
Private label/OEM/ODM welcomed
Payment T/T; Paypal,Western union
Net 100g/120g/150g/250g
Min.order quality 1000PCs
Delivery Methods by sea, by air, send to your own warehouse /to your door
Delivery Time  Within 3 days after receiving payment
Supply Ability     50000 Pieces per Day


1:Mud moisturizing hair,make hair more glossing.


2:Firm-hold sculpting.lasting styling,keep strong shape all day.


3:Supplying hair essential nutrition.


4:This formula suits different hair style,no harm.


5:Styling hair mud easy to rinse.

1) Apply a small volume of hair mud  on  both palms.


2) Cross your fingers and shake them about to move roots in random directions.


3) From top to side, twist the ends of hair and scatter them about left and right.


   Grouping hair  from the top makes it easier to active an overall balance.


4) Grab bangs by the roots to stand them up, pinch the ends to create a sharp style.